On October 4, 2018, the Cluster of Czech Furniture Manufacturers organized a seminar “NEW DIRECTIONS IN INTERIOR DESIGN AND FURNITURE” at the For Interior Autumn trade fair, Prague.

Ing. Lucia Haraslínová, Ph.D., Chairwoman of the Cluster of Czech Furniture Manufacturers, welcomed all participants and informed about the program of the seminar: “New directions in interior design and furniture”, then presented KČN services for members. The cluster monitors its subsidy opportunities for its members, specializing mainly in subsidies from European Operational Programs. It provides these services both by involving members in their own projects and by consulting, supporting and administering projects or parts of projects held by cluster members.

Ing. Matěj Švehlík represented Ing. Vítězslav Gaja, Ph.D., he presented New materials developed by the Cluster of Czech Furniture Manufacturers of the Research, Development and Innovation in the Furniture Industry project CZ.01.1.02/0.0/0.0/15_007/000359, sub-project b) Production ecologization:

  • Part 1 – Development of innovative materials and technologies for the furniture and construction industry
  • Part 2 – Applying the latest technologies in realizing coatings of furniture parts and glass elements with different coatings to achieve antibacterial PU and reduce VOC emissions

Ing. Matěj Švehlík was represented by Ing. Alena Capíková with a lecture on “Design without quality – fish without water”. Great design is only half the success, quality is also important. At first glance, the furniture may look fabulous, but it happens that during use it does not meet the customer´s requirements in terms of customary features and disappointment.

Ing. Lubomír Končinský presented the article: How to proceed when ordering and realizing custom-made furniture for your own interiors.

Ing. Hana Medková presented: Current trends in the offer of built-in furniture and interior home furniture.

Ing. Iva Bastlova, DiS. presented: How to proceed in the design and implementation of the interior. What to watch out for, where not to save money and where to save money. The lecture was followed by an autograph session of the book We create the interior with a Czech designer. As another point on the agenda Ing. Iva Bastlová, DiS. presented: Come and create a concept of your new interior! Take a look at interesting material samples and assemble a combination just for you under the professional guidance of the designer.

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