Project „Interactive Furniture Portal“

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Leonardo da Vinci
Interactive Furniture Portal
Mendel University in Brno – Czech Republic
Cluster of Czech Furniture Manufacturers, cooperative – Czech Republic
Textile Testing Institute – Czech Republic
Bulgarian Institute for Standardizatzion – Bulgaria
Institut fuer Holtechnilogie Dresden gemeinnuetzige GmbH – Germany
Galway – Mayo Institute of Technology GMIT – Ireland
Technical University in Zvolen – Slovakia
268 642 EUR
3 582 EUR

The international project of the Leonardo da Vinci program aimed to create an educational program containing an explanatory dictionary of the most important terms of the furniture industry. As a support for understanding and interactive learning, a virtual interactive house has been created, where expert issues are explained on the model interior. All project outputs are available on the Internet – The target group of the project is the professional public, teachers and students of secondary schools and universities, B2B and designers.

KCN was involved in the project as a professional guarantor of the project, performed a check of deadlines for the fulfillment of professional tasks, their material content, and ensured dissemination of the project results to the professional public.


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