June 21, 2021, 9:00 – 14:00, Prague

There is currently only one Gold-labelled Cluster by European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis in the Czech Republic – NANOPROGRESS, z.s. (https://www.nanoprogress.eu/). Its label is valid until 2022/12/14.

The NANOPROGRESS, z.s. cluster focuses on researching and developing functionalized nanofiber structures and their industrial and medical applications. They are involved in the “AdPack” European Strategic Cluster Partnership in the new emerging industry and are classified within the European excellent clusters under the European Initiative of Cluster Excellence scheme. The NANOPROGRESS, z.s. cluster is based in Pardubice and operates in five cities in the Czech Republic.

The Nationa Study Visit with joint deep dive was held on Monday July 21, 2021 from 9 am till 2pm in the office in Prague of the Gold-labelled Cluster NANOPROGRESS – Ukrajinská 1488/10, 101 00 Prague 10, Czech Republic.

Luboš Komárek, Chairman of the Board, acquainted the representatives of the Cluster of Czech Furniture Manufacturers with the activities of the Gold-labelled Cluster, its management and shared examples of good practice not only of NANOPROGRESS, z.s., but also of its foreign partners. There was a very open and lively discussion about the possibilities of improving cluster management, training of cluster managers and especially about the possibilities of improving the services provided to cluster members. Great emphasis was placed on setting up proper communication with cluster members and other partners.

During the meeting, increased emphasis was also placed on the preparation itself for obtaining the ECEI GOLD Label „Excel in Cluster Excellence”, the preparation of documents and the preparation for 2 full days on-site assessment of two experts at the premises of the cluster organisation.

The next day, June 22, representatives of the Cluster of Czech Furniture Manufacturers had the opportunity to visit the research laboratory in Liberec where NANOPROGRESS, z.s. cluster focus on technological research and business.

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