On 2 November 2017, expert lectures of KČN were held within the WOOD-TEC trade fair in Brno. Ing.Lucia Haraslínová, Ph.D. presented the Cluster of Czech Furniture Manufacturers, the cooperative and informed about the services provided to KČN members. It also informed about the KČN´s activities.

Bc. Ing. Vítězslav Gaja informed about news of standards in the field of furniture. Doc. Ing. Dr. Peter Brunecký, forensic expert, showed the problems of poorly selected furniture material and inappropriate use of kitchen and bathroom materials.

Ing. Šárka Hadererová informed about subsidies for furniture manufacturers.

Other professional lectures on production efficiency – outsourcing for small and medium-sized furniture companies followed:

  • How to make production of small and medium-sized joinery companies more efficient – Ing. Karel Krontorád, CSc., MENDELU and Ing. Lucia Haraslínová Ph.D.
  • Plywood offer – raw molding without any further operation/machined and surface finished plywood – Ing. Pavel Novotný and Josef Cigánek, TON, a.s.
  • Jitona – free production capacities of the company – Miroslav Chvosta, Josef Hála, JITONA a.s.
  • Production of furniture parts for carpenters, acceptance of orders via e-shop – Jan Ságl, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors PROFIL-NÁBYTEK, a.s.
  • Cutting center services for furniture makers, Nářezové centrum Bršlík s.r.o
  • Paint shop services for furniture makers – Color LakDesign s.r.o.
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