On 27 April 2018, KČN organized a professional seminar at the Mobitex 2018 trade fair in Brno.

Ing. Iva Bastlová DiS. presented the Technology of the future, followed by a lecture How to stand up to today´s design? (Liquid Society and Design) presented by Ing. Martin Kovarik, Ph.D.

10 questions and 10 answers in the practice of interior designer were answered by Ing. Iva Bastlova, DiS. and Ing. Milan Vrbík. This was followed by doc. Dr. Ing. Petr Brunecký, who explained in detail how to choose quality furniture.

Ing. Lucia Haraslínová, chairwoman of KČN, informed about activities and services offered by the Cluster of Czech Furniture Manufacturers. The last point of the seminar was Development of new materials by doc. Ing. Jiří Tauber from Mendel University in Brno.

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